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Small Chamber Ensemble

The Rose Galleon
for horn quartet (2020)

"The Rose Galleon" is an intermediate-level horn quartet running approximately four and a half minutes long.

The quartet exudes regality utilizing a variety of memorable melodies with interesting harmonies. This piece is excellent to showcase musicianship as each individual player interacts with each other to form a cohesive, effective piece of music.

for wind quintet (2021)

"Wunderkind" is a wind quintet of standard instrumentation including flute, clarinet, oboe, french horn, and bassoon that runs approximately two minutes in duration.


Utilizing memorable melodies, interesting extended techniques, and experimenting with texture and contrapuntal motifs, this quintet is a fun piece for performers and listeners alike.

Seeing Through the Shadows
for cello duet (2020)

"Seeing Through the Shadows" is an intermediate-level cello duet running approximately two and a half minutes long.

This piece was birthed from a simple idea of an octave interval, as seen in the first two notes of the first cello. These two notes then spawned a piece centered around the idea of effective counterpoint--essentially multiple melodies heard simultaneously. 

The Assassin's Tale
for violin duet (2020)

"The Assassin's Tale" is a violin duet running approximately two and a half minutes long.

This short duet tells the story of an 18th century assassin taking out a target on a quiet night. It explores the events, actions, and emotions that transpire, as well as the repercussions of the assassin's doings on their mental state.

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