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Solo Instrument

Hymn for Two Mallets
for mallet percussion (2024)
"Hymn for Two Mallets" is a solo piece written for mallet percussion by composer RJ Schaefer. Dynamics and Tempo throughout the piece are at the player's discretion. The choice for specific instrumentation is also up to the performer--marimba, glockenspiel, vibraphone, etc. The audio recording on the site is a xylorimba with all notes rolled--though rolling may not be necessary with all instruments. The piece is not technically challenging, but offers a challenge in musicianship when making the choices of when to move from dyad to dyad and what emotions the performer may want to express or evoke. 
Hymn for Two Mallets RJ Schaefer
00:00 / 03:25
A Breath Not Known 
for solo cello (2021)

"A Breath Not Known" is a solo piece written for cello by composer RJ Schaefer. Approximately 3 minutes in duration, this composition evokes a sense of yearning as the performer trudges through space and time. The E dorian mode mixed with the free interpretation of rhythm and time exemplifies a Gaelic sound inspiration and allows many freedoms for the performer.

for solo mid-voice
with piano accompaniment (2021)

"Brahma" is an art song composed for mid-voice with piano accompaniment. The text was originally written by Ralph Waldo Emerson in 1856 and published in 1857. The featured vocalist performer is baritone Sam Terribilini.

Below the Cellar
for piano (2020)

"Below the Cellar" is an intermediate-level piano etude running approximately three minutes in length. Horror-aesthetic-inspired, the etude begins about one minute into the video while accompanying electronic sounds and a visual component add to the overall effect--use headphones for best quality.

Solo for Hi-Hat and Wood Blocks
for solo percussion (2020)

"Solo for Hi-Hat and Wood Blocks" is a percussion miniature running approximately one and a half minutes long.

This piece is an exploration or experimentation with tempo and one's sense of the "beat." The marked tempo of quarter note equals 120bpm is essentially the beat--but one can also feel the dotted quarter note equaling 80bpm as the beat throughout the piece. The performer is also challenged with independence as the hi-hat and wood blocks have intricate parts on their own that combine for the overall cohesive, percussive melody.

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